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“You are very talented, however, you have to relocated to succeed on the international level”. The path to be the first Indonesian represented in the Winter Olympics. Support Savika by donating via Destination Forward

Support Indonesian junior skater to continue training

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Jakarta, Indonesia

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Savika Refa Zahira
Indonesia national team
Figure skate

“You are very talented, however, you have to relocated to succeed on the international level”. Meet this 16-years-old, Savika, Indonesian hopeful for Beijing Winter Olympics 2022.

Savika stepped on the ice for the first time when she was six years old when she followed her brother. Before skating, she learned ballet and badminton which end up complimenting her skating skills. She is very well-known to be someone who will keep doing her best until the end, even if everyone else leaves.

The two-time Indonesian champion is one of the very few Muslim figure skaters in the world. She trained in three different rinks across Jakarta to follow her coach’s schedule. She does not come from a wealthy family, and while both of her parents are working in order to support her skating financially, she carries three heavy bags every day to school so she could go to the rink and practice after school.

In 2014, when the Indonesian federation invited Jamal Othman, a Swiss figure skater, and Olympian, he wrote a recommendation letter for Savika to train overseas, after he saw her talent on the ice. He convinced Savika’s mom to let her relocated so her talent will not go to waste. However, figure skating training can cost a whopping US$50,000/year and with the average annual income of an Indonesian household is US$11,400, it is hard for her parent to send her to summer camp overseas often. (She also has a sibling, one elder brother.)

Even when the circumstances are not favoring her, she still has this big dream to represent Indonesia as the first skater in the World Championship and the Olympics. Savika has done all she can to maximize her training in Indonesia, however, to be qualified for one of the major international competitions, she will need help from foreign coaches and attending overseas camps.

We would love to ask for support for Savika from the figure skating community to improve her skating skills through this platform.

The breakdown of her training cost will need to raise for the next season:

Summer Camp (training fee, travel expenses, hotel, living costs) for 1 month in United States US$ 32,000
Coach (training fee, travel expenses, hotel, allowance) US$ 20,000
Regular practice:
– Local Coach: US$ 16/30 mins; 3 hours per week, US$ 4,800 per year
– Guest Coach: US$ 37/30 mins; 4 hours per week; US$ 14,800 per year
Personal training: US$ 10/hour 2 hours per week; US$1,000  per year
Ballet: US$ 5/1.5 hours: 1.5 hours per week: US$ 250 per year
Choreography: short & long programs US$ 500
Therapy/Massage as needed US$ 5/Hour


Boot and blade: US$ 1,400/pair; 2 pairs per year; US$ 2,800 per year
Sharpening: US$ 10/sharpening; every 4 weeks; US$ 120 per year
Practice clothes: US$ 1,000
Costumes: for short & long program (incl. tights, accessories, make up), US$ 400
Ice time: US$ 240/month; US$ 3,000 per year


We are seeking donations for her to train overseas, which is $32,000.

For your generous support, we would like to give some gratitude to all the donors. Please also help us to share this story. Thank you!










海外合宿(トレーニング費、交通費、ホテル、生活費)アメリカドルで1ヶ月 32,000ドル
・ローカルコーチ 30分16ドル、週3時間 年間4,800ドル
・ゲストコーチ 30分37ドル、週4時間 年間14,800ドル
個人レッスン 1時間10ドル、週2時間 年間1,000ドル
バレーレッスン 1.5時間5ドル、週1.5時間 年間250ドル
振り付け ショートプログラム&フリープログラム 500ドル
マッサージ 1時間5ドル
ブーツ&ブレード 14,000ドル 年間2,800ドル
研磨 1回10ドル 年間120ドル
衣装 400ドル
プライベートアイス 年間3,000ドル




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  • 01-05-2019

    Indonesia National Championship 2019

    Placed 2nd on Indonesia National Championships 2019

    SP: 37.09
    FS: 58.23
    Total: 95.32

  • 27-04-2019

    Media Coverage from TEMPO

    Savika Refa Zahira was interviewed by Tempo Media Magazine. It covers a lot of details about her story and Figure Skating conditions in Indonesia.

  • 17-06-2019

    Upcoming Competition 2019-2020 season

    1st Competition 2019-2020
    Asian Open Figure Skating Trophy 2019
    Junior Ladies
    Oct 31 – Nov 3, 2019 (Rescheduled)
    Dongguan City, China

    2nd Competition 2019-2020
    ISU Junior Grand Prix Figure Skating 2019
    Junior Ladies
    Aug 29 – Aug 31, 2019
    Lake Placid, USA


    3rd Competition 2019-2020
    SEA Games 2019
    Senior Ladies
    Nov 29 – Dec 1, 2019
    Manila, Philippines

  • 31-08-2019

    Junior Grand Prix Lake Placid, NY 2019

    SP 37.22 (PB)
    FP 59.88 (PB)
    Total 97.10 (PB)

  • Asian Open FS Trophy 2019 WD

    Savika Refa Zahira has decided to withdrawn from Asian Open Figure Skating Trophy 2019 in order to focus on SEA Games Preparation.

  • 01-12-2019

    SEA Games Result

    Short Program: 32.62
    Free Program: 68.18
    Total: 100.80
    BRONZE – 3rd overall

  • 05-09-2020

    Coronavirus update

    Due to coronavirus spread in Indonesia, Savika hasn’t been able to train since March 2020. All the rink in Indonesia is closed and Savika is doing his best to train off-ice at home.

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