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“When I first arrived in Indonesia the first thing I did was go to the ice rink.”. The path to be the first Indonesian represented in the Winter Olympics. Support Rizqy by donating via Destination Forward

Rizqy Apolianto: Road to Junior World Championship

by Destination Forward

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Rizqy Apolianto

Indonesia national team

Figure skate

“When I first arrived in Indonesia the first thing I did was go to the ice rink.”

Meet Rizqy, a 17 years old Indonesian Junior Figure Skate champion for the past three years in a row.

Rizqy started skating at the tender age of nine when his family moved to the state of Alaska due to his father’s job. He gained an interest in the sport of figure skating was when he saw a group of skaters skating in a public mall doing cool tricks and turns at a rink and he thought wanted to be like them too. His potential caught the eye of one coach, Matt Bohanan, a US national competitor. But later on, an Austrian figure skating coach Ralph Burghart (also known as the coach of Keegan Messing) also noticed Rizqy’s skills and took him under his wings. Rizqy quickly became a great figure skater and rose to a high level. Although his time in Alaska was not long and when he moved back to his home country, Indonesia, the first thing he did when stepping foot in his homeland was to go to the ice rink, where he also happened to meet his current coach

Ever since his passion for figure skating has driven him to improve his artistic and technical skills throughout the years. In 2017, his performance at the Junior Grand Prix in Croatia caught the attention of a TV producer from Japan because of his charming smile and quirky glasses. Rizqy was interviewed and recorded for a TV show and as a result, Indonesian skaters were able to receive a great deal of exposure internationally but were also able to get guidance and coaching from Olympian Miki Ando.

However, when everything seemed to be going smoothly, he was diagnosed with scoliosis with a curve of 26 degrees. This genetic disorder causes pain in his lower back and hips that can have an impact on his jumps and skating itself. Though, this has not stopped him from skating as even with this disorder he is still able to train five times a week after school and in the weekends. On top of skating, he also does swimming and strength-training to not only improve his endurance but to also help improve the degrees of his scoliosis.

One of the biggest issues that need to be put an eye on is his training condition. Rizqy trains in a public rink which for the majority of times is always filled with public and leisure skaters. When practicing, he always has to keep an eye of all of these public skaters around him which prevents him from properly training his technical skills as he is not able to skate with freedom. Scared of running into other skaters, Rizqy has to limit his actions to reduce the possibilities of collisions as he has run into skaters before.

Even though Rizqy is the three-time Indonesian Junior champion and is the current record holder for Indonesian Junior Men, his parents have been supporting him for not only skating but also the violin and also academics such as school and tutors. With little help from the federation, his parents have been fully supporting his ultimate goal of becoming the first Indonesian figure skater to qualify for a Junior Worlds Championship and to also help increase the chances for Indonesian skaters compete internationally.

Without going overseas to participate in summer camps and train in proper facilities with appropriate equipment, it will be difficult for him to improve upon what he has already accomplished for Indonesia.
We would love to ask for your support for Rizqy so that he can fulfill his dream.

Below is the breakdown of the necessary training cost for the next season:


Routine Practices 4 times / Week (Ice rink) US$1500
 National Coaches 2 coaches / Week US$7000

Guest coaching and local camps 3 times / Year US$5000
Overseas Camp 2 times / Year (To Canada/US); Airfare, Accommodation, Registration, Visa US$30000
Equipment (2 pairs of boots and blades) US$3000


Nationals US$600
Asian Trophy (Airfare, Accommodation, Registration, Visa (Coach + Athlete + Chaperone) $2000
JGP (Airfare, Accommodation, Registration, Visa (Coach + Athlete + Chaperone) $4000

Costumes (4 costumes / season) $1000

Total $54,100

We are seeking donations for him to train overseas, which is $30,000.

Below is Rizqy’s short-term and long-term goal:

Future Plan:

  • Increase Indonesia’s quotas at Junior Grand Prix (currently 2 spots for both ladies and men)
  • SEA Games: 5t h place and above
  • Asian Winter Games 2021: Top five
  • Qualify for Junior Worlds Championship in 2020
  • Qualify for Four Continents

If any financial support is given, Rizqy would gladly wear any apparel and clothing that can be used for practice with the company’s logo.


Rizqy Apolianto






リズキー選手は9歳の時、父親の仕事のためにアラスカ州に移住した際、フィギュアスケート を始めました。彼がフィギュアスケートに興味をもったきっかけは、ショッピングモールでフィギュアスケートをやっている人たちの技を見て、自分も同じようにやってみたいと思ったことでした。彼の才能は元アメリカ選手、マット・ボハナンの目に止まりました。しかし、その後オーストリアのフィギュアスケートコーチ、ラルフ・ブルクハルト(現在キーガン・メッシングのコーチ)も彼の技術に気付き、指導をしてくれました。リズキー選手はすぐに高いレベルとなり、素晴らしいフィギュアスケーターとなりました。アラスカにいた時間はあまり長くなく、その後インドネシアの母国に戻り、彼が最初にしたことはスケートリンクに足を踏み入れ、そして彼は現在のコーチに出会いました。












通常レッスン(リンク) 週4回1時間 1,500ドル

ローカルコーチ(2人)週4回 7,000ドル

ゲストコーチと合宿、年3回 5,000ドル

海外合宿 年2回(カナダ・アメリカ);交通費、ホテル、登録費、ビザ 3,000ドル

設備(ブーツ&ブレード)年2足 3,000ドル



国内選手権 600ドル

アジアントロフィー(交通費、ホテル、登録費、ビザ) 2,000ドル

ジュニアグランプリ(交通費、ホテル、登録費、ビザ) 4,000ドル








– ジュニアグランプリのインドネシア枠を増やすため(現在女子・男子とも2枠):

  • - 東南アジア競技大会:5位以内
  • - アジア冬季競技大会:トップ5
  • - ジュニア選手権2020に出場
  • - 四大陸選手権に出場



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