1. Campaign

Destination>> is an online crowdfunding platform for young athletes that lack of funding from their own country. We are focusing on helping young athletes who wish to continue training and aim for a big goal in their athlete’s career. 

We provides advisor to all athlete who registered to Destination>> website. Our advisor will guide the athletes to set up a short-term and long-term goal on the campaign. Simply contact us at destinationfw@gmail.com

We are charging a 5% success fee when the campaign meet the goal.

2. Review and campaign screening

The campaign that got rejected might not meet at least one of our requirement.

  • Young athletes, age 13-18

  • Minority sports and expensive sports

  • Training cost is over the prize money

  • Come from low to middle-income family

  • Athletes from small federation country

Please contact our advisors for support on promoting the campaign. We are happy to help you!